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A experienced trainer with over 10 years in training and 29 years of Corporate life in Sales and Marketing in India and Dubai, UAE. Mr. Prashant Welling is the founder of Training and Consultancy organisation HEAD which specialises in Personal and Corporate Training, Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring with complete Handholding through the entire process. Prashant Welling has trained a lot of trainees from various backgrounds, cultures and countries. His speciality in Training ranges from Selling Skills training to verbal and non- verbal communication, to Body Language, Image Management, Telephone Etiquette, Consultancy Coaching and Mentoring.

Prashant is also a Life Coach who uses Power Coaching for individuals with Mind Kinetics. He has been accredited with Certification from Coaching and Leadership International Inc., Canada as a Power Coach. They are Global Leaders in Coach Training for Mind, Body, Spirit Mastery in Business & in Life.

Choosing the right coaching and Mentoring Company is an important task. You deserve to receive maximum results for your staff, your clients and for your own personal growth. Every organization we know of would like to have the benefits mentioned in each of the blue boxes below. We could all benefit from more genius thinking, stronger IQ and EQ, elimination of blame and tools to dramatically improve performance just to name a few. No organization is perfect. We all need to continually work at being the best we can be. And when we think we are perfect, we need to look again. We can always be better.

Our Coaching are unique because:

We have the secret or "The missing piece" to maximizing human performance. This missing piece is CLI's Science of Mind-Kinetics It is this science which brings results with great speed and efficiency. Ours is the only corporate training company that can offer the profound results listed below. For example, to stop blame in the workplace is a difficult task. We make it easier because the tools and concepts taught to the individuals and groups get to the root cause of our blame and literally assist us in 'changing our minds' or shifting our paradigms from negative to positive.

The blue boxes outline the kind of changes you can expect.

Coaching and Leadership offers you all of the above and more. Do contact me for a personal meeting and formal presentation of this brilliant tool which is widely used by many Fortune 500 companies across the world to raise their ROI as high as 6:1 and very high employee retention with improved relationships and high productivity leading to higher profits.

We would also like to urge you to assist yourself in gaining more control of your professional and personal life by introducing them to a brand new concept called PCMK (Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics), which we have introduced in India. This tool has been introduced by CLI which is based in Canada and has been accredited by ICC and ICF of Canada. With over 5000 hours of training and successful clients across the globe, CLI has been brought to India now. Many Indian CEOs and top honchos pay 300-500 dollars to get this coaching via Skype and VOIP. Now all these clients will be able to reap this benefit getting personally coached by me in Mumbai/ India.

This program extends to 8-12 sessions. In these one to one coaching sessions we assist the individual to overcome any challenge; professional or personal and remove that mind block or unconstructive feelings permanently by using latest cutting edge tools developed to utilise the full brain power (Left Brain and Right Brain Thinking) which means IQ + EQ = Full Power. This PCMK is applicable across all the levels of hierarchy right from the CEO to the Sales Executive of the organisation. All leading Multi- National organisations across the world are now reaping the benefits of this Power Coaching to improve their sales and their bottom line.

We can help any individual in overcoming any personal or professional problems meaning any problem you may have at home with family or friends and also problems you may have at work e.g. I cannot keep my Boss happy or I do not have self-confidence, My mother-in-law is not happy with me, etc.. However big or small your problem may be, Prashant can coach you to overcome that problem with proven techniques and lead a better and satisfied personal and professional Life.

We're glad to help you. Please email or call us +91-9987113790
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